There is a delightful children’s book by Jill Murphy called “Five Minutes’ Peace”. It is one of the books my whole family cherishes as we can all relate to, at least, one of the characters. Mrs. Large, the mother and my hero, is exhausted but resilient and patient throughout. I want to be like her. The wisdom of Mrs. Large is in stepping away, self-care, and ultimately compromise.

During this difficult year and most acutely as you face this looming back-to-school season, it is super important for you to find time to think, regroup, be… Perhaps you cannot take time off, but you can choose a time and spot where you can find balance in your own way.

Kudos to you, dads and moms, for creating a space for yourself. You are doing more than ever and you needed that break. Your kiddos need you to take that break too – for your sake and theirs. Kudos to them too for being settled enough that you could step away. (P.S. If it hasn’t happened yet today, it is just about bedtime!)

I had a few moments of peace.

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