My favorite chore is folding laundry, followed closely by ironing. I know it’s crazy, but I think it is because I get so much satisfaction from the pile of neatly stacked, pressed, clean clothes. Unlike the fabulous dinner that is eaten right away or the floor that inevitably needs to be vacuumed again, I like seeing the product of my work.

My children like that too – not laundry, but seeing the fruit of their effort. It is why we make stuff together (besides the obvious life-skills, eye-hand coordination, STEM concept development, creative outlet, and mentorship involved.)

At the end of our work today, we sat back and admired the tangible progress we’ve made on our project. Each thing we build is a little neater, straighter, and sturdier. It is so gratifying. The joy will be even more so because we are working on presents.

Congratulations! You and your child created something and there was so, so much learning and bonding involved. You will have the product to admire and use and share. Well done.

We built together.

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