RAISING PARENTS provides services in support of parents learners. ~ How may I come alongside you?

Coaching  – As a parent coach, Dr. Allen is available to meet with you to help merge your family goals and your child’s behavior. With particular experience and compassion in trauma and loss, Dr. Allen can help your family to understand, navigate, and live with the complexities of grief.

Advocating – As a special needs advocate, Dr. Allen can work with your family to determine and accomplish the next steps for your child with additional needs.

Speaking – Dr. Allen is available for speaking engagements for parent groups, teacher in-service, and parent educators gatherings.

Consulting – How might Dr. Allen support your organization: school, program, museum… to best serve your parent population?

Facilitating – For a single workshop or an ongoing, interactive learning series, allow Dr. Allen to design and facilitate a learning group.

Brain Training – Dr. Allen is trained in Neurofeedback as an exercise to promote peak brain performance and support the overcoming of challenging behaviors.

RAISING PARENTS charges a base rate of $140 per hour for individual family services ($600 for three 90 minute sessions) and $400 per hour for groups.

The consulting hour includes:

  • Before – an initial consultation, e-mail questionnaire, or session specific e-mail
  • During – approximately 40-50 minutes of scheduled direct services
  •  After – a follow-up e-mail with a summary and resources as needed
  •  Anytime – early morning access for “One Question Calls”
With every hour of paid consulting, an hour of RAISING PARENTS’ services will be provided gratis to a family or organization unable to pay.

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