Dr. Dana provides expert, empathetic, encouraging support to parents & families and those that come alongside them

Parent Coaching  – As a coach, Dr. Allen is available to meet with you to help merge your family goals and your child’s needs, handle the unexpected, understand development and behaviors, and be prepared to support in each season as your family grows.

Family Grief Work – With particular experience and compassion in adoption and foster care, and the experience of loss and grief, Dr. Allen can help your family to understand, navigate, and live with the complexities of trauma. Please reach out before, during, or after a difficult event – there is help and hope.

New Baby Transitions – Welcome new baby! Dr. Allen is trained in newborn development, care, & observation; family support; and perinatal mental health, uniquely situating her to be a great resource in this complex time.

Special Needs Support – Dr. Allen can work with your family to determine and accomplish the next steps for your child with additional needs: home/school coordination, setting routines, and helping with behaviors and routines.

Speaking – Dr. Allen is available for speaking engagements for parent groups, teacher in-service, and parent educators gatherings. 2022-2023 engagements include – “Trends in Post-Pandemic Parenting”, “Supporting Children in Difficult Situations”, “Strength-based Summer”, “Camping with Kids”, “Sibs of Specials”, “Trauma Sensitive Policies”, and “Creativity and Loss”.

Consulting – How might Dr. Allen support your organization: school, program, museum… to evaluate, serve and best support your parent population?

Facilitating – For a single workshop or an ongoing, interactive learning series, allow Dr. Allen to design and facilitate a learning group.

RAISING PARENTS charges a base rate of $140 per hour for individual family services
$500 for EACH set of 4, hour sessions, pre-paid
$300 per hour for groups

The consulting hour includes:

  • Before – an initial consultation, e-mail questionnaire, or session specific e-mail
  • During – approximately 40-50 minutes of scheduled, direct services by Zoom or within the North Shore of Boston (ask about other arrangements)
  •  After – a follow-up e-mail with a summary and resources as needed
  •  Anytime – early morning access for “One Question Calls”
With every hour of paid consulting, an hour of RAISING PARENTS’ services will be provided gratis to a family or organization unable to pay.

Book a free, 20 minute

introductory consultation call

with Dr. Dana.

Dr. Allen has given us helpful language and strategies for cultivating strengths and addressing challenges with our children. We don’t feel like we’re ‘treading water’ as parents, but rather our whole family is working as a team.”

L&B, awesome parents

“Dr. Dana has walked with us through the unimaginable. We are all still standing, still growing, and still grieving.”

real parents living with real loss

Her approach is refreshing and positive. She worked with us to understand the parental role and reconfirmed our value in our child’s life, and the power we have to improve our relationships while supporting the performance of our child.  She doesn’t pathologize, rather she gave us practical ideas and plans.

L, really engaged grandmother

.. my go to person for all my parenting questions for the past decade. From table manners, to chores, to anxiety, to teen-age-i-tis and beyond. She has modeled and practically explained methods that helped to bring positive changes to relationships … ultimately, bringing calm amidst the chaos, while shaping my motherhood for the best.”

C, single mom to 4 great children