Why is it that the color and taste are so much more vibrant when things are really fresh?

Maybe it is the wait – the anticipation grown from tending spindly little sprouts, of enduring the tease of green tomatoes and berries, of hoping for a bigger squash. Maybe is it the pride of accomplishment – being a part of the whole process. Maybe it is the feeling of cheating – like getting something for nothing. Maybe it is because we get to eat things at their exact peak. Or maybe our garden is just the best.

Today we had the darkest, fattest blueberries (the very few the birds couldn’t get to) and the reddest cherry tomatoes wrapped in the greenest basil leaves. Tomorrow we will make pesto and Caprese from the abundance. The berries, sadly, are gone.

In sharing the freshest food – from your pots, yard, farm, or market – you’re teaching and encouraging delicious health. This is a great gift. You should get a sticker.

We had a snack straight from the garden.

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