We went outside today

We. You and your kid(s) did something together. For however long you were out – you were alongside each other for a bit. Learning is rooted in relationship, and those connections are built in moments like these.

Went. You and your kid(s) were active. The action of getting up and out is a team sport. You were probably a combination of coach, teammate, sponsor, trainer, opponent, and cheerleader. Go team.

Outside. You and your kid(s) need the air and the sun (or any weather, really.) Great job making it happen for everyone’s sake.

Today. You and your kid(s) made a choice to go outside today. It was worth it. Tomorrow it will be a great choice too.

Congratulations, you braved layers of clothes, toys, dirt, and the pull of in-the-house comforts to do the good and hard work of getting outdoors.

We went outside today.

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