When my kids were little we often included young single friends in our celebrations. There was one guy who always stopped at a convenience store on the way to birthday parties at our house. He would load up a bag with whatever he could find – candy, soda, a kid magazine… but by far the greatest present was always tape!

Somehow the private ownership of a whole roll of tape gives inspiration and freedom for creativity and experimentation. With paper & scissors and maybe some recycle stuff… they are set for success. And just as the play wanes, you become expert at interjecting just the right question or tool to extend the play.

“Who can live there?” “Do you need this wrapping paper tube?” “How high can you make that?” “Can you put tape lines down to make roads?” “Can I help you make some signs you can post?” “Let’s take a photo to send to grandma.”

You are a rock star parent for providing a cheap and amazing tool for independent learning and play. You are patient and kind to grant the time, space, and mess it entails.

I gave them tape.

PROTIP #1: Get painter’s tape, it’s cheap, can be repositioned, and doesn’t harm surfaces.

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