We’ve all experienced loss in this season. Our kiddos need to help to navigate those griefs. You, even – or especially, in your own sorrow, can be the first line for helping them understand and move towards healing. Whether a universal sorrow or a very personal one, we need each other.

Participating in memorials or gatherings of remembrance have very important roles in dealing. Your child needs your perspective and comfort within those good and necessary rituals.

They especially need you now. Your respect and honesty is so important as they grapple with big feelings. Good job being close.

This is a tricky time. There are events and images and conversations that are too much information for our kiddos. But, even despite your shielding, they are (or will be) getting some pieces. You’re doing one of the hardest parenting jobs in helping them understand and feel. You deserve a shout-out for the way you are working to ask, listen, and share.

We talked about the really sad bits.

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