Sometimes it is important to pull out, to back up, to surrender, to quit. Even, maybe especially, in our parenting. Giving up can mean anything from tossing out the days-old resolutions, to allowing jammies for everyone, or backing off on the expectations – anything.

You find your balance. You might ask yourself whether any particular thing is going to matter in the long run. Some things are. BUT is this causing more trouble than it is worth? Is now the wrong time? Is it costing too much in stress? Where does it rate on the “Cosmic Significance Factor Scale?”

Moms & Dads want to keep getting better and so they constantly watch and listen and think. This practice of honest reflection can reveal what is not working. You were aware enough to observe and brave enough to figure out what not helping and then you acted. Now to do the hard work of whatever needs doing to try for a better way. Your commitment to this constant process cycle affects you and your kiddo for the better.

You made the very wise decision to stop doing something that needed to end. Great job reflecting and changing; this is meaningful learning. Here’s to trying a new way!

I gave up (and I’m glad.)

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