Every time we invite our children into the tasks we have to do, we help them grow. Working together is a gift – bringing skills, efficiency, confidence, and (in my experience) some laughs.

You’ve done the hard work of staying close behind them to steady or catch, trusting them to try to reach the counter, mopping up the spills (or breaks), exhorting in the face of bad attitudes, praising attempts, raising the bar higher, and likely some nagging, cajoling, and scolding. BUT, you have also consistently expected and encouraged your kiddo to share in the responsibility. They have shown they are capable.

Great job to both your kiddo and to you! Practicing the simplest of chores builds life skills that are important in so many ways. Your example, teaching, and encouragement has enabled them to be an authentic part of your household. That feels good all around.

They cleared their own plate.

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