True confessions – the first time I took my family camping was unintended. The place we were staying was unsafe and we had to camp. In the 30+ years since we’ve all (almost all) become campers.

The natural freedom and consequences of outdoor life are unique and brilliant. Fire, the sea, the weather, real tools are all amazing teachers – and also levelers. Even as I write, under a shelter in the rain that is ruining dinner plans, we are figuring it out. We’ve all got books for now and a new card game for under the lantern.

You put in the big effort: you prepared and over-packed, you were uncomfortable and maybe wet, you endured the boredom and opinions. But you also reaped the shared views, laughs, meals, stories… and so much more. Well done – this lasts forever.

We camped (And we are still camping!)

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