A friend posted this week that she felt as though her school decision was a choice between her kids’ physical health and their mental health.

That’s impossible. That’s real.

And yet, you are doing it. You are the mom – you are the dad. You move forward even when it seems insurmountable, hopeless, bleak. These are the trenches of parenting.

You will figure this out. You will come to a decision that is best for your family. You will pay the cost – in pennies, hours, exhaustion, unasked for comments… You will adjust and adapt. You will do it.

Your kids will figure this out. They will settle into your decision because they trust you. They may pay as well – in being stretched, in frustration, in uncomfortable change… But they will reap too – in growth and strength and learning you cannot now imagine. They will do it!

So breathe. Remember how well you know your kiddoes. Be kind to yourself. Listen. Share. Hold plans loosely. Do the next, Right thing. And remind yourself:

I’ve got this.

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