my kiddo pointed out something beautiful (1)

Did you get one of those sweet baby calendars? the ones that have stickers to mark each milestone and “first”? Have you used it? I had one, actually I had several. I did a few entries – I was too exhausted and busy and it just didn’t seem as important as being in the moment. And the moments kept coming.

I’ve realized that actually the stickers should really be rewritten to reward the parents. “Baby’s First Step” might become a shout-out to mom and dad. Or better yet, we could edit them to reflect the dual effort in the parent/child dance.

To take a step is to move independently. But before a baby can take that step, they need a parent to buy the little walker wagon, to cheer each effort, to hold chubby hands, to stoop over helping, to kiss away the stumbles… This sticker goes to you for all that YOU’VE done to help your child take their first step – whatever kind of step that is just now.

My kiddo took a step.

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