we read the right book (2)

Librarians have a superpower of finding the perfect book at the right time. You had some of that gift today. You knew just what to do. Stories help.

You reached for a book; the one (or two, or three, or more) that was needed. Some books are challenging books – that call us to a new perspective. Some books are inspirational books – that spur us to creative action. Some books are comfort books – that provide relief and solace. And some books are break books – that help us step out of the situation and maybe even laugh. You get it.

This is a hard season – parts of today have been heartbreakingly difficult. Be encouraged that you are coming alongside your child. You are using the tools at hand to give your kids the language and stories they need to understand now and to be a part of building a more hopeful time. Congratulations.

We read the right book for this hard day.

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