black & white

Nothing is simply black and white. Even more so, important constructs such as race are infinite shades of grey. Therefore we must enter into an intentional, compassionate, lifelong curriculum to help our children understand and choose and act rightly.

“Are your kids too young to talk about race? Nope. Silence about race can reinforce racism by letting children draw their own conclusions” (pretty_good_designs)

The way through “tricky” subjects is choice. You choose to prepare and build capacity. Every day, embedded in your normal life, you are communicating about race.

    • Explaining what you are thinking and talking about amongst the adults – this is making current events accessible
    • Sharing your stories and stories from the past – this is teaching history
    • Acting out scenarios – this is building social skills and promoting healthy relationships
    • Talking about your feelings – this gives our kids language, models coping, and introduces practical mental health strategies 
    • Imagining a better outcome – this is the beginning of advocacy
    • Doing something proactive together – this is how change happens

You are doing your complex and difficult parenting job by choosing hard conversations. Just now, no matter how old your child is, this means talking and teaching about race. You are brave and strong and up to the task. 

I brought up the tricky subject.


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