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It is a proud moment when our kids “get it right”. It is natural to feel a measure of satisfaction for their job well done. But, you deserve recognition for this accomplishment too!

The way you’ve modeled “please” and “thank you”, taught them the words, and prompted so many times have led to their handling well the exchange today. Whether this is the first time or it happens all the time now, your effort is to be celebrated.

When you think about it, becoming willing and able to say “thank you” appropriately and sincerely, is one life skill among thousands that you are passing along all the time. But this skill is a foundational one; gratitude improves relationships. Great job instilling this, the most basic of manners, in your child.

YOU get this sticker for all that you have done to build the habits of kindness, respect, and gratitude that are behind a real “thanks!”

They said “thank you” without being asked.


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