I wish I carried a roll of stickers to hand out in the grocery store – not for the kids, but for the parents doing the hard work of being for their children. I do try to pass out compliments and encouragement. I believe it makes a difference whether they are happily involved in naming the colors in the produce section , wrangling a tantruming toddler, or in the range of normal in-between parenting life.

But what if (like the child who brags about a full card of stickers for chores well done or one who gets sympathy for wearing an “I got a shot” badge from the pediatrician) we got to show-off our accomplishments and milestones too?

In celebration of Mother’s Day today, I propose we begin a campaign to pass out virtual stickers, gold stars, rewards, encouragement… to parents. I’ll post and we can tag each other. Let me know others achievements we should honor. Let’s share stickers liberally.

This first sticker goes to all mothers because they inherently deserve the recognition and thanks we celebrate on this second Sunday of May.

Mom? You deserve a sticker!

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