Boston Red Sox Opening Day is the epitome of Spring hope -the kind of wholehearted, expectant hope that is vital to parenting.

I am a proud member of the Red Sox Nation. So yesterday I cheered with a few of my favorites and my whole city for the promising start of a new season. It was the first real sunny day and we won. Players, even for a few innings, were batting a thousand.

My family birthday season started yesterday too; all seven of my children were born in the Spring and Summer. Like the Red Sox, there is a clean slate on which to write this season’s play complete with all of the wins/losses, challenges, injuries, drama, cheers, sighs, rallies, slumps, and personalities that make up my beloved team.

Spring is Red Sox, bulbs, babies, Easter – tied by themes of redemption, growth, and potential. My job as a parent is to encourage, support, and cheer as loud as I can.

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