Homeschooling Support

Let me come alongside you as you begin, or want to enhance, your family’s homeschooling.

RPAC Parent/Teacher Lounge

This is a profoundly difficult season of parenting; there is much to navigate and the stakes are high. Many families are choosing a new path of homeschooling in response. I, through the Raising Parents Parent/Teacher Lounge, can superintend you along with a community of parent/teachers towards effective, exciting, stable, homeschool success.

My 20+ years homeschooling a large, diverse, and complex family, together with my career in family support, educational leadership, teaching, and parent advocacy, have given me much to share. The hard-earned wisdom of both parenting and teaching my children means I can advise with expertise and empathy.

I’ve developed a structural outline for 10 months of school year parent support – from preparation through assessment and inclusive of goal setting, routine development, environment set-up, documentation helps, and much more… Through coaching, I can challenge and scaffold you towards success.

Join the RPAC Parent/Teacher’s Lounge for:

  • Exclusive Raising Parents homeschool supports, forms, and resources
  • Individual monthly consultation
  • Access to early morning one-question calls
  • A private RPAC Parent/Teacher Facebook Group Community
  • Live online chats to discuss homeschooling
  • Review and advisement for mandated documentation
  • A modest lending library of resources and educational tools (toys)
  • Curated homeschooling resources, reviews, and links

Please email Dr. Dana to join the 2020-2021 school year RPAC Parent/Teacher Lounge or to arrange private consultation.

Full FeeReduced PaymentGratis
(as available)(as available)
Monthly Membership in
RPAC Parent/Teacher Lounge
Hourly Consultation$120.$60.0

With every hour of paid consulting, an hour of RAISING PARENTS’ services will be provided gratis to a family or organization unable to pay.

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