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In 2018 I spent the Winter learning and interning with the developers and a team of practitioners using neurofeedback to come alongside families working to overcome trauma. I am now incorporating whole Brain Training across my work supporting parents and children.

Brain Training involves exercises to train a brain towards peak performance. It involves a series of exercises, determined by brain map. It has real effect for help and relief in: ADHD and distractibility, sleep issues, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD and trauma related conditions.

Neurofeedback has helped me – both in a very tricky time as well as improving my sleep, focus and clarity as I continue to train in this way. I am very happy to have a conversation about your circumstances and how it might benefit you.

Neurofeedback is comprised of rounds of 5 indicated blocks of training in one hour sessions. These should be, at least, weekly. Additionally, there is a initial meeting for brain mapping (an EEG to determine protocols.)                  

I hope you will join me. I believe Brain Training could be the next right thing for each of you – and yours. Let’s make it happen. 

RESOURCES: (basic intro in Psychology Today blog) (best videos –  1-5 for an intro, more for specific topics  (a little dated, sciency, and ultra-positive, detailed neurofeedback info  (annotated bibliography of recent research on neurofeedback  (and a Psychology Today critique)

E-mail me and we can begin to build a plan.

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